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News - - Wednesday, September 7, 2007 Edit

WAR Report - 9/07

Richard Duffek

It has been a busy week on the battlefield, but here's your weekly report:

And still more Leipzig coverage keeps coming in:

  • Games Workshop’s Jon Gillard sits takes a break from Games Convention to speak with about bringing a popular table top game to life as an MMO.

WAR Wins Game of the Show:

WAR went to Germany to debut the Elves at Games Convention and walked away with’s Game of the Show!

“Hourly stage shows with Jeff Hickman and Paul Barnett headlining, 40 plus stations to play a current build of the game and 4 more to sign up for beta, a beautifully set-up booth, and most exciting of all: 4 new classes from two newly revealed races. Suffice it to say that Warhammer Online was the complete experience at GC Leipzig.”

WAR also took home the award for Best Fantasy MMORPG.

EA Studio Showcase Coverage:

AGDC Coverage:

Guild Beta Contest Take 2:

Last week we started the Guild Website contest for the chance to win your guild a slot in the second phase of WAR Guild Beta. This week, we add another contest to the mix. Up for grabs once again is one of ten slots in the second phase of WAR's Guild Beta. This time it's all about the story. Tell us about your guild; it can be your history, what makes you great, a funny story or retelling of something that happened in a game, even a fan fiction centered around your guild in the WAR universe.

  • If you were already selected for phase 1 of Guild Beta, you may not win.
  • The top 10 entries, based on the votes cast by myself and James will receive a place on the phase 2 list.
  • Voting will be done by going through all entries and ranking our favorite 10, giving 10 points to #1 down to 1 point for #10. After that all points will be added, and the 10 highest totals will be declared the winners.
  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation and legibility will all be taken into account in the judging, so please use a spell-checker, get the best writer in the guild to submit it, etc.
  • One entry per guild please, so talk it out amongst yourself before sending something in.
  • NA based guilds only please. (This includes all regions not handled by GOA, such as Oz, NZ, Asia, CSA, Canada, etc.)
  • Same as with Phase 1 of Guild Beta, the number of slots the guilds receive in phase 2 will be determined by overall guild size.
  • Contest will end on Friday, September 14th at 5pm EST.
  • Winners will not be posted but will be contacted individually, same as the guilds for Phase 1, it will be up to them whether or not they want to announce their good fortune to the world.
  • Entries should be Emailed to war-community AT mythic DOT ea DOT com with the subject line: Guild Beta Writing Contest Entry

Random tidbits of Information:

  • If your submitted fan fiction or fan art was used in last month's Newsletter, as promised you will indeed get a guaranteed beta slot. We will be in contact with you soon to let you know you were indeed one of the lucky people chosen. As with any time we give out beta slots, all of the normal guidelines and restrictions still apply: you must be 18, you can't be press/media/etc, you can't work in the game industry, your system specs must be high enough to participate. If you won a slot, and don't meet these guidelines or restrictions, you don't forfeit your guaranteed slot in beta, you just won't be allowed in until the restrictions are raised which are blocking you, or in the case of computer specs, we get the game optimized to the point that you're capable of running it.
  • Last week we kicked off our Beta Incentive program. Participants in the WAR beta now have a weekly opportunity to win buddy keys which they can use to get their friends into beta with them. Every week we pull an insane amount of logs and stats and randomly pick a handful of categories to give the top person in each a buddy key. These categories could be anything from "Most Bug Reports Submitted" to "Most Quests Completed" to "Most Times Killed by Another Player". So if you have friends in beta, kick them a couple times to make sure they're doing their part.
  • No, Guild Beta Phase One hasn't started yet. No, you shouldn't have an association on the Beta Center for it yet. Don't worry though, we'll keep you informed when the time comes.

Beta Journal: The Continuation of Willhelm's Writings:

~An excerpt from the early writings of Bright Wizard Willhelm chronicling the events leading up to his illustrious career in service to the Empire. ~

iii Proem

Part 3

The Wind's Calling

It is known that the slightest chip removed from a shear cliff face causes the mightiest of avalanches. An event inclining toward the obvious, with the surest of outcomes, may be altered by the most trivial interference. Call it what you will, fate, the winds, or a mandate from whatever deity you choose, such was my troth the day I was called into service by Viktor Riese.

I refer to this turn of fortune as my plight, only with the greatest humility. For what I wanted and what I would become intertwined in a convoluted passage that finished quite agreeably.

There were three marauding brutes upon the road - shirtless, girded with leather and furs, all menacingly large. One most recently split my guardian's head, and two more – one to my left, one to my right, penned me in. Astonishment pervaded all parties involved.

From my scream, followed silence . . . and from silence, followed - laughter.

All three brutes fell into a concordant belly wrenching laugh.

They mistook my huddled form for cowering, which gave me time to search for the perfect weapon. I seized the occasion by clouting the fellow blocking my path, squarely in the face, with a sizable rock. Forward down he went onto the cobbled path, and off I sprinted toward the Gundred's home.

Just as I guessed, the Gundred's home was aflame. I ignored the giant marauder brutalizing an old gaffer outside the door. I ignored the sound of feet pounding down the road behind me. I ignored the wall of flames consuming the modest timbers that made up the Gundred's home. I broke through the remains of the door and ran madly to the back of the house, where set my pallet and the entire Gundred brood. The room, my pallet, and all my possessions were wrapped in ugly flames.

Again, I screamed. This time more from anger and fear for my possessions.

And then the predictable happened. The house collapsed. Then the unexpected happened. The burning rubble exploded. Unbeknownst to me, my pursuers had grown in number, all following me into the burning shelter. Later I discovered they all expired within the flames.

For me, I was thrown through the back wall and rendered unconscious. Somehow, the entire Gundred family and the gaffer were saved by the explosion – then after, made their way to safety. When I awoke, I did the same. I returned, solemnly, to the village plaza - for I had no where else to go - I found Viktor Riese, the gaffer, and the Gundred children in an animated conversation.

“-then, there he was, bursten' through the door! Fearless,” said the gaffer, waving his arms about. “Right behind him came a whole passel of them Norsca scum, then -”

“Then he called the Winds,” Adelheidus Gundred interrupted. She was the oldest Gundred child and apparently their spokesman in this interchange. “With a voice of thunder he called out. The walls blew away as dust and – and – there he is! There!” She fell to her knees, hands clasped together. Her siblings kneeling with her.

To my horror, I then realized they were talking about me.

I approached cautiously.

“Well done, Bright Wizard,” said Viktor Riese, smiling. “There will be more work for you soon. Soon, indeed.” He turned to the others, signaling to a couple of nearby footman. “Take them to safety, now!”

The men sprang into action, bustling the Gundreds and the gaffer away to safety. I never asked where and never saw them again. Odd how a mere chance encounter could have such an impact upon my future. Hapless hero of the Empire, I was inducted into the mighty ranks of Emperor Karl Franz 's army, and set onto the path of Bright Wizard.

Of my things, nestled away in the Gundred's home, they were all lost to flame. Except one precious item. An item of power and mystery I acquired from the Mad Hermit. Mysteriously, it had been stolen during the tussle and moved North by equally mysterious hands. It became a magnet for my desire - but that is a tale for another time.

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