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News - - Friday, August 31, 2007 Edit

The raid of Leipzig has been successful

Of unnatural love for swords, scanty clothing, and protesting feet.

We returned from Leipzig and spent our first quiet nights after the long days and even longer nights of the convention. The Games Convention is a huge success every year and this time it was even better! We had a booth of nearly 600m2 where fans could experience either an exciting RvR scenario or explore the game on dedicated PvE computers.

Trade and professional visitors got their first glimpse on Wednesday then, from Thursday to Sunday, the masses gathered around our stand. There were always new waves of people storming the island of Nordenwatch either to defend the Empire fortress or to despoil it. At other tables, players could create new characters to explore the starter zones of the Dwarfs, the Greenskins, the Empire or Chaos and to find out about game features such as the Tome of Knowledge or Public Quests. Some hard-core fans spent almost the entire time from Wednesday to Sunday either playing or queuing up for another go. How many different tactics for victory had you tried at the end and marked for future use?

In addition, every player received a lottery number and every hour two lucky ones were drawn for participating in the beta test. If you did not trust in sheer luck, you could also win one of the much sought after beta accounts in a daily contest against two rivals. These were all about proving who was the best explorer and could collect the most entries for the Tome of Knowledge in a given time. Of course, every appearance of Paul and Jeff created a party mood around the stage. At least twice a day, these two would present the high and dark elves to in a show that left both of them hoarse and covered in sweat.

Speaking of parties, on Saturday evening, we invited the community to a little get together in a local bar and over 140 people showed up. The night, in which the complete GOA team, many of the visitors from EA Mythic and even some of our hostesses took part, went on until three in the morning. It was the reason for many tired eyes on Sunday and an impressive example of the great community that Dark Age still enjoys and WAR already has.

We would like to thank all visitors. Hopefully, you had as much fun as we did. It was your enthusiasm that made the convention one of the best for us and we can hardly wait to see you all again next time!

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