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News - - Wednesday, August 22, 2007 Edit

WAR Report - 8/23

Richard Duffek

Here's another weekly report from the front lines, enjoy!

GenCon Coverage:

  • Overall con impressions with a short WAR review.
  • The MMO-Gamer sits and talks to Jeremy Dale.
  • Uberguilds Radio has a Podcast about the tactical side of WAR.
  • GameSpy has a Hands-On Preview posted about their time with the game.
  • If you speak German, Buffed interviewed the German Community Manager Kai Schober.
  • Achas had a LOT to say about his time with the game over at Only-WAR.
  • The guild Stone and Steel, mighty Dwarfs all, attended and took tons of video.

Leipzig Coverage:

Tidbits and Questions Answered:

  • WAR Vault has Beta Keys to give away, go check out their Contest Page to see how you can win them!
  • More contests will be springing up around the NA fansites in the near future, watch them for your chance to win beta slots!
  • Guild Beta invites have still NOT gone out, JUST the notifications. If people in your guild have received beta invites, those invites were not part of the guild beta phase. They were just regular individual invites, please don't email me asking why some of the people on your list got their invites and others didn't.
  • Along those same lines, if your guild was lucky enough to get selected into the Guild Beta phase and you've already sent me your list, but a couple people have since been selected individually, you may feel free to send me replacements. I make no promises that I can get them switched out in time, other than I promise to try. :)
  • I hate even having to issue this warning, but I feel I must. I know some of you out there are super eager to get your hands on a beta key. And I know some of you might be trolling sites like RealPoor and MarkeeDragon looking for a good "deal" on one. Just be forwarned that we do monitor those sites looking for accounts for sale, and we do close those accounts down when we catch them. Please, for all that is holy, don't drop $500 on a beta account that is just going to get closed. Trust us, we're adding people as fast as we can and as soon as we can get you folks in we will! :)
  • Dont forget, we're at PAX this weekend, so if you're in the Seattle area, swing by for your chance to play the game some and possibly win a beta key!

Stay tuned to this space for more updates as tons of coverage comes out of PAX and Leipzig this weekend! And in parting I leave you with the following gem:

First up, new to the Herald, we have a Beta Journal entry. Most of you should recognize the concept from the recent newsletters. For those of you who don't, basically we've given the people in beta permission to write up in-character accounts of their time in beta and post them for our approval/use in the beta forums. So without further ado, I present you part one of Uruz's ongoing journal of Willhelm:

~An excerpt from the early writings of Bright Wizard Willhelm chronicling the events leading up to his illustrious career in service to the Empire.~

iii Proem
Part 1

An unfortunate turn
I stood, mouth agape, with little comprehension of what, I guessed, had just passed as a one sided interview. For my part, a bowel releasing jolt punctuated the only portion of the orator's speech that made any sense. Clenching back this confusion and discomfort, I focused all attention on his closing words.
“Now go, Bright Wizard, and use your skills to save these poor wretches from their destruction!”
“Err,” I said, thinking all the while, I am not a Bright Wizard.
Stepping back a pace caused the man to release his grip from my shoulders. He motioned to the south and gave me a curt tip of his head. I nodded, or at least thought I did something to indicate understanding - but of what, only Sigmar knew.
Two hours earlier, this man and his cohorts had not been in the village plaza. Engel Otwin and I were negotiating a price for my passage out of this burgh, while kicking back a few pints of a well-hidden home brew in the comfort of his small stable. Apparently the Missus didn't know of his distillering habits. He kept the fiery swill tucked away with the tools of his trade, which involved carting goods down to Marienburg and beyond. And it was the beyond part that interested me, greatly.
With little means afforded to me, I in no way had what was required in coin for respectable transport. Therefore, I resorted to this basic mode of travel: catching rides with cargo carriers and promising them the protection of a Reikland renowned Bright Wizard. Yes, as I stated earlier, I was in no way a Bright Wizard. Yes, I kept my hair larded up in the sunburst coif of the elite school. Yes, various berry juices worked quite nicely when painting false runic designs on my arms. And yes, I had some little skill in the calling of the Fiery Winds. But no, I was not a Bright Wizard. And at the time I felt it was no one's business, but my own, as to what I truly was.
Engel, after a few pints, was quite agreeable to me leaving with him in the morning. So, that being that, I departed from the stable and headed back to where I was lodging, south of the plaza, and that is when I encountered the shouting.
Most of what followed, the shuffling soldiers, the screaming villagers, and the unintelligible charge from a soldier, (I would later come to know as Viktor Riese.) all made little impact on my muddled senses. But as Viktor released his one sided charge upon me, another thought burst its way to the fore and shouted its clarion call into the cobwebbed corners of my cranium. Fool! It screamed. Your possessions are still with the Gundreds!
At this point I was quite aware that the Gundred's home, by all probability, was being burned to cinders – and therein was nestled my tenuous future.

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