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News - - Monday, August 20, 2007 Edit

Selling Beta Accounts

A warning to those who may be tempted to buy a beta account.

We’ve invited many thousands of beta testers already and, unfortunately, some of those individuals chose not to heed the NDA that they agreed to. In addition we’ve seen several opportunists pop up keen to make some money from the huge excitement surrounding the WAR beta. There have been many reports of beta accounts for sales on MMO trading forums, and online auction sites. We investigate them all and where we find an actual account for sale then that account is closed immediately. Most of the sales we investigate however aren’t real; they are simple scams to steal money from desperate fans. In some cases the account never existed and the scammer has faked the beta invite and in others the account was real but has already been closed even though the scammer is trying to claim that it is still available. Please do not allow yourselves to be taken advantage of in this way. There is a very high probability that any account for sale that you see does not actually exist, in the rare event that it does exist then it will almost certainly be closed without warning and you will have spent a lot of money for nothing. We are regularly sending out thousands of genuine beta invitations and you have a much higher chance of enjoying the beta legitimately than by chancing your luck with scammers and thieves on the internet.

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