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News - - Thursday, August 16, 2007 Edit

WAR Report

Richard Duffek

Just a quick update on the happenings around the web concerning WAR:

There are more articles popping up every day about the Fansite Event we hosted here in Fairfax:

  • Sanya from GuildCafe Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.
  • WAR Mystic's Write-Up (In German)
  • WAR-RvR has added more videos than I can count to their Roundup.
  • Don't forget to check WHA if you haven't for additions to their Roundup as well!
  • Along with this week's new SLM comic, Part 2 of his impressions of the trip is up as well.

If you were at the event and haven't sent me your links yet, please do and I'll add them to the list! Other random Interviews and such released lately:

  • VN's Interview with that Richard fella, oh, wait, that's me...
  • Look, WarCry interviewed me too: Part 6 of their ongoing series.
  • Ten Ton Hammer has 8 Exclusive New Screenshots!

And now some random bits of info and questions answered:

  • Don't worry about your Guild Leader selling off all of the guild's beta invites on ebay. When we issue the actual invites, the only one that will go directly to him will be his own, everyone else will receive their invite directly from us.
  • Make sure if you're one of the many people who have upgraded their computer in anticipation of WAR that you log into the Beta Center and upgrade your DxDiag file as well!
  • I still haven't heard back from all of the guilds I contacted for the Guild Beta phase... If you signed your guild up, check those spam folders and such! If you did receive your notification and just haven't gotten the requested info back to me yet... Why not?
  • Yes, more NA invites are going out today, check those inboxes and/or log into the Beta Center and check your status!
  • Don't forget, we're at GenCon this week and will be at PAX and the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany next week. If you're in the area, swing by and visit the WAR booth for your chance to get your paws on the game and win a beta slot!
  • As always, as I find more questions that need answering I'll pop back in here! :)

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