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News - - Thursday, August 9, 2007 Edit

Today is a Bad Day to be an F5 Key

All across Europe emails are arriving in the inboxes of guild leaders.

Finally the moment has arrived when we can notify the lucky guilds who have been selected to take part in the European Guild Beta! All through this morning emails were being sent informing the selected guilds how many of their members would be invited to take part in the beta test. If your guild was chosen then your guildleader or the person who signed you up for the beta will have all the details in their inboxes now. Please note that these are simply notifications of the guild being picked, the actual beta invites that will describe how to download the client and access the beta server will be sent to the individual members later on.

Congratulations to the lucky guilds and we’ll look forward to welcoming you in the Old World soon!

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