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News - - Thursday, August 9, 2007 Edit

Guild Beta Notifications Issued

Richard Duffek

Yes it is indeed true folks. They went out this afternoon, so let me take this time to answer some questions I've seen floating around:

I'll edit in more answers as I come across them. Gratz everyone who got in!

EDIT 1: 10:31am 8/9/07

  • These are just the notifications that the guild in question was selected, not an actual invite. Those will come a bit down the road still, we just wanted to give the lucky guilds a heads up and start gathering the required info from them.
  • The ones that went out this afternoon were NA only. GOA should be sending the EU ones out any time now as well, it'll just be offset due to the time difference.
  • Update to the above point: GOA's invites have now gone out.
  • If your guild was selected, yes you are allowed to tell people if you so wish, but we take no responsibility for the 'Can I join your guild?' spam you'll get from doing so.
  • There will be more phases, if your guild wasn't lucky enough to be picked this round, don't give up hope.
  • EDIT: 10:31am 8/9/07:
  • Please, please PLEASE don't email me to tell me how much better your guild is than XYZ Guild who got invited instead of you, it REALLY won't convince me to take away their invite and give it to you.
  • I know your guild has been around forever and a day... So have a lot of other guilds out there. We're not looking for JUST long-term hardcore guilds who have been together since the dawn of time. We're looking for a little bit of every play style and guild style. People who have been together forever, people who formed their guild JUST for WAR, etc.
  • Slots were issued to the guilds based on size. No guild got enough slots to even remotely cover the total number of members in their guild. This was done on purpose. Guilds who are highly active in the beta and are great testers will be awarded additional slots over the course of beta.
  • Split Guilds: The guild beta notifications that I sent out are for the NA servers. In order to participate in the beta on the NA servers you have to be registered on the NA Beta Center. Therefore theoretically the invites I sent out are restricted to people in NA unless they lied on their beta application, which would be bad... (Note: While we call them the NA servers, Oz/Nz/CSA/Asia/etc are all lumped into there as well for the time being.)
  • All invites have gone out. There shouldn't be much delay because I didn't use any mail server or anything, sent all of them out manually so there wouldn't be any issues. If you haven't received one, check with other people in your guild. If no one in your guild has gotten it, better luck in the next phase.

Again, I'll add more as they come in. Also considering posting the list of chosen guilds at some point in the near future just so the people who were chosen are sure to know, in case the invite is sitting in a spam folder somewhere or something.

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