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News - - Friday, June 1, 2007 Edit

Beta Confirmation Emails

Richard Duffek

I've been reading a lot of feedback on the various forums from people who haven't received their confirmation emais yet, so I figured I'd pop in with an update. There is indeed an issue with some email services out there not accepting the confirmation emails or blocking them as spam. We're working on the issue and think we have a solution.

We hope to have this in place some time today, and once we do, we'll resend confirmation emails to everyone in the database who hasn't been flagged as confirmed yet. Three days after we've sent that blast, we'll be purging the database of everyone who hasn't confirmed at that point. You'll be more than welcome to re-register at that time, which hopefully will also help alleviate the problems. This won't affect your standing in the beta pool or chances to get in. We just want to make sure everyone has a chance to get registered, and if you have an incomplete registration in the system, it makes that hard to do.

As with the newsletter, we're discovering that Gmail has given us the least problems by far. So if you use Yahoo or AOL or any other free email provider and have had problems receiving email, it might be beneficial to create a Gmail account if for purposes of the beta and newsletter emails.

As always, watch this space for updates.

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