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News - - Thursday, May 31, 2007 Edit

Beta Registration Tidbits

Richard Duffek

Figured I'd pop in here and answer some questions I've seen floating around the various forums:

1) This is the Beta Registration period. It does not mean beta has started. As much as I love all the emails I'm getting from everyone out there; if you've won a slot, by whatever means, we'll contact you when the time comes to actually start testing.

2) If you have indeed won a slot, either through the newsletter, at one of the conventions, or by any other means, you do indeed still need to register through the betacenter. Just make sure to sign up with the same email you gave us.

3) Guild beta has not started yet. Don't think just because your guild hasn't been contacted that you haven't made it in. No guilds have been contacted yet. Everyone still needs to register individually. How the process will work is when we select the lucky guilds, we'll contact them with the contact email address they provided. Then the GM will gather the number of names we allocate to the guild and send us a list with their email addresses. We'll pull those people from the betacenter database.

I'll update this if anything else comes up. Thanks for all the patience waiting for this day gang, it's finally here, and WAR is right around the corner.

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