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News - - Tuesday, March 6, 2007 Edit

Wizard Magazine Clarification

Sanya Thomas

Long time, no see, I know. We're like tulips, here at the community page. Nothing much happens in the winter, because we're gathering strength to explode in the spring. But I wanted to pipe up and clarify something that appeared in the most recent Wizard magazine.

I love Wizard, and I love Boom! Studios. (If you didn't know, Boom! is doing a Warhammer comic. Warhammer: Forge of War #1 ships this spring.) But there's some material in the article that is not accurate.

First, the first betas for WAR will not be going to those who win through a magazine contest. The first betas will be going to trusted testers, guilds, etc. And second, though I expect for most of you this goes without saying, the comic contest is not the only way you can beta test. Our newsletter sign up created a group that will make up the bulk of the beta testers.

But the comic contest will be one of many other exciting opportunities for people to gain access to the WAR beta. I hope to have a revised testing schedule posted here... soon, TM.

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