Of Honor and Glory I

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Of Honor and Glory I

Order Tome of Knowledge Quest
Zone Nordland
Start Ehren Aldemar
End Ehren Aldemar
Next Of Honor and Glory II


Of Honor and Glory I map
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"You there; I would have a word with you. Yes, yes. You are the one I was expecting. I had hoped for the opportunity to speak with you."

"You have a touch of destiny in you, an aura of greatness, if you will permit me. Better a poet's tongue than a liar's grave, I always say."

"There was a young adventurer, not unlike yourself, by the name of Lieve. Lieve was a curious sort. She had such a flair for adventure and discovery. I see something of her in you."

"She felt that a sense of a people's history was of great importance. She began to write of her experiences. It was a fire, a passion that consumed her. She believed that everyone had a story to tell and she wanted to remember hers. Had her tome right here, it had several interesting entries on the life of Sigmar, ah...I left it in the tavern. I purchased a room there last night."

- Ehren Aldemar

Of Honor and Glory I is a Tier 1 Order Quest that begins in Grimmenhagen, in southern Nordland.

Particulars Edit

  • Find the book Life of Sigmar lying on the second floor of the tavern. Use the book to receive a tome entry detailing the contents of one of its passages.
  • Return to Ehren Aldemar after you are successful.

Objectives Edit

In-Progress Text Edit

Life of Sigmar

Life of Sigmar

"What do you mean, you can't find it? It's upstairs at the end of the hall."

- Ehren Aldemar

Completion Text Edit

"Our experiences and how we deal with them make us who we are. That's what Lieve believed, and that's what I believe. Her journey ended at the Battle of Castle Reiksguard, but my beloved's fire burns still."

- Ehren Aldemar

Rewards Edit

Quest Progression Edit

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