Of Carnage and Conquest II

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Of Carnage and Conquest II

Destruction Tome Quest Quest
Zone Norsca
Start Garik Bludfist
End Ranulf
Previous Of Carnage and Conquest I


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Overview Edit

Garik Bludfist:

Now, should you do something important, or find an item worthwile, there are some who would reward you for chronicles of your conquests.
There are members of our host that has been gifted with the patience to study and make known the deeds of old. Who knows? A song might be sung of you someday...provided I don't bury my axe in your skull for the sport of it.
Go now and speak to Ranulf, the librarian.

Directions Edit

Requirements Edit

  • Speak with Ranulf

Rewards Edit

703 Xp.

Progression text Edit

Garik Bludfist:

You have a way of testing my manners. Now go, and speak with Ranulf!

Completion text Edit


Very good! Ah, yes, that is a rune of great power. You may well add your own offering there someday. Each day we draw closer to the very gates of Altdorf. The only thing that stays our blade is the will of our gods.
As you continue to record the items you find, seek out my superiors in the Inevitable City and be rewarded for your efforts. You might even find that which is necessary to crush the will of the Empire.

Quest Progression Edit

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