Of Carnage and Conquest I

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Of Carnage and Conquest I

Destruction Quest
Zone Norsca
Start Garik Bludfist
End Garik Bludfist
Next Of Carnage and Conquest II


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Overview Edit

Garik Bludfist:

Those sniveling Imperial dogs try to frighten us with tales of the past victories. They know nothing of our past. Ours is a history of blood-soaked conquest. The horrors that we have wrought would turn their will to powder.
Every victory, every conquest, feeds our hunger for those who would beg at the heel of that coward Karl Franz. The fires of the past burn in your veins! Remember well your battles, for they will slake your thirst until your weapon is bloodied once more.
Take trophies of your victories! Make note of you (sic) battles in your tome! Who knows? Perhaps you will do something that is worth remembering, though I doubt it.
Take a look at the glowing rune on the ground over there.

Directions Edit

  • Return to Garik Gludfist after you are successful.

Requirements Edit

  • Investigate the glowing rune nearby 0 of 1

Note: Simply walk over the rune to complete the quest.

Rewards Edit

703 Xp.

Completing this quest will also unlock the History & Lore Tome entry for The Raven God, granting you an additional 104 Xp in the process.

Progression text Edit

Garik Bludfist:

You are fortunate that I am in good spirits. Have you forgotten the glowing rune?

Completion text Edit

Garik Bludfist:

I offered my own blood token to that rune, I offered the blood from a foe I slew during a battle in Castle Reiksguard. I slaughtered a Sigmarite priest that was keeping us from routing an Imperial garrison.
She died clutching her tome to her chest and gasping about her 'beloved'.

Quest Progression Edit

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