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Odarik Rorkisson

Odarik Rorkisson
Rally Master

Rank 8 Rally Master
Realm Order
Species Dwarf
Gender Male
Zone Mount Bloodhorn
Subzone Komar
Coordinates 6900, 23600

PC Reactions

Order Friendly

Keep on killin' them soddin' greenskins. We Dwarfs aren't done fighting yet; not now, not ever!

Grimnir be with you.

- Odarik Rorkisson

Odarik Rorkisson is a Dwarf ironbreaker, and leader of the Oathbearer forces assembled at Komar, in Mount Bloodhorn. His warriors are pinned down in a constant struggle for the Kron Komar Gap, clashing with greenskin hordes while simultaneously being pelted by artillery fire from nearby peaks.

Noteworthy Person Edit

Primary Article: Mount Bloodhorn/Noteworthy Persons

Odarik Rorkisson is the first of five Noteworthy Persons that can be found by Order players in the zone of Mount Bloodhorn.

Rally Master Edit

Primary Article: Dwarf WAR Story/Chapter 3

Odarik Rorkisson acts as the rally master for chapter 3 of the Dwarf storyline, Standoff at the Kron-Komar Gap.

Quests Edit

You've taken care of some things for me, I'll not deny it, but more work awaits you elsewhere. Be on your way then. No use in tarrying 'round here where you're no longer needed.

- Odarik Rorkisson

Ends Quests Edit

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