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Obliterator is a three piece armor set that requires Renown Ranks to wear; a Renown Rank of at least 17 is required to wear all pieces of the set. Completing the set rewards you with an achievement unlock and the title of The Obliterator.

Set Pieces Edit

  • Obliterator Chest (RR 17)
The chest piece to the Obliterator armor set is obtained by killing Keep Lords in Tier 2 RvR Lakes. They can be found within the Gold Loot Bags awarded after a successful Keep capture, and are Bind on Pickup items.
  • Obliterator Gloves (RR 16)
Obliterator gloves are Bind on Pickup items that can be purchased from Renown Vendors, located in Realm-controlled Keeps in Tier 2 RvR Lakes.
  • Obliterator Boots (RR 15)
Obliterator boots can potentially drop from any enemy player killed in Tier 2 RvR play. Each is designated for a specific career, and the individual piece that is dropped appears random. However, these set pieces are Bind on Equip items, and can be traded on the Auction House.

Unlocks Edit

Collecting all three pieces of the Obliterator armor set awards players the "Completed Obliterator's Armor Set" Tome of Knowledge Armory Unlock.

Career Sets Edit

Destruction Edit

Icon Chaos Chaos Icon Dark Elves Dark Elf Icon Greenskins Greenskin
Chosen Icon Small Chosen - Obliterator Accursed Defender Kit Black Guard Icon Small Black Guard - Obliterator Dusk Warrior's Kit Black Orc Icon Small Black Orc - Obliterator War Boyz' Kit
Magus Icon Small Magus - Obliterator Daemoncaller's Robes Disciple of Khaine Icon Small Disciple of Khaine - Obliterator Blood Offering Kit Choppa Icon Small Choppa - Obliterator War Brudda's Kit
Marauder Icon Small Marauder - Obliterator Warped Ravager Kit Sorcerer Icon Small Sorcerer - Obliterator Essence Devourer Kit Shaman Icon Small Shaman - Obliterator Waaaghbringa's Fings
Zealot Icon Small Zealot - Obliterator Devotee's Kit Witch Elf Icon Small Witch Elf - Obliterator Painbringer's Kit Squig Herder Icon Small Squig Herder - Obliterator Squig Calla's Kit

Order Edit

Icon Dwarves Dwarf Icon Empire Empire Icon High Elves High E
Engineer Icon Small Engineer - Obliterator Work Kit Bright Wizard Icon Small Bright Wizard - Obliterator Firecaller's Robes Archmage Icon Small Archmage - Obliterator High Mage's Robes
Ironbreaker Icon Small Ironbreaker - Obliterator War Kit Knight of the Blazing Sun Icon Small Knight of the Blazing Sun - Obliterator Guardian's Kit Shadow Warrior Icon Small Shadow Warrior - Obliterator Forest Courser's Kit
Rune Priest Icon Small Rune Priest - Obliterator Runerobes Warrior Priest Icon Small Warrior Priest - Obliterator Sigmarite Kit Swordmaster Icon Small Swordmaster - Obliterator Defender's Kit
Slayer Icon Small Slayer - Obliterator Battle Kit Witch Hunter Icon Small Witch Hunter - Obliterator Inquisitor's Kit White Lion Icon Small White Lion - Obliterator Lionmark Kit

Gallery Edit

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