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Oathgold Pick
Quest Item
A small tag is tied to the bottom of the pick. It reads: 'Item 0178 - Oathgold Pick'

Oathgold Pick is a Tier 2 Quest Item obtained as part of an Order quest chain in the Barak Varr. Once held within a chest belonging to Chiri Smalldeep, this ornate pickaxe has now been claimed by the Gor, Grag the Hoarder, during a Beastman raid on a Dwarf caravan.

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'Oathgold Pick' is obtained by defeating 'Grag the Hoarder,' a Gor that can be found in the area of the Korgoth's Raiders Public Quest, in southern Barak Weald. Its recovery is the objective of the quest Chasing Oathgold, and it appears in a player's quest inventory automatically when Grag is defeated as part of the quest line.

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The pick is quite heavy and extremely ornate. You've never seen anything like this.

- Quest Completion Text: Chasing Oathgold VII

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