Oathbearers Quest

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Oathbearers Quest

Tier 1 Order PvE Quest
Zone Ekrund
Start Tharik Redaxe
End Tharik Redaxe


Oathbearers Quest map
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Another Oathbearer, eh? Sent by old King Grudgebearer himself, are ya?

Don't be forgettin' your pledge, <name>. Keep it close, like your hoardin' gold, and we'll see Eight Peaks back in Dwarg hands, right where she belongs. Sein' to our oaths begins right here in Bitterstone Mine.

There's work to be done, and until you're as wise a Longbeard as I am, it's my word you'll be heedin'. Bad enough them greenskins are sullyin' the memories of our ancestors, but them hopping bags of fungus with teeth they call Squigs are eatin' our best veins of Bitterstone!

Particulars Edit

  • Head up the stairs and through the tunnel to Goldbrow's Lament. Kill the Ravenous Squigs found there.
  • Return to Tharik Redaxe at Mordrin's Anvil when complete.

Requirements Edit

Previous Quest Edit


Next Quest Edit

Rewards Edit

  • TBD XP
  • TBD gold

One of the following:

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