Oathbearer's Way III

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Oathbearer's Way

Tier 1 Order PvE Quest
Zone Ekrund
Subzone Durak's Mine
Start Thronki Grimgirsson
End Fimki Grimgirsson

Quest Chain

Fimki Grimgirsson

Thronki Grimgirsson

  • Oathbearer's Way III

Fimki Grimgirsson

Ol' Brazenfist


Oathbearer's Way III map
(click to enlarge)

I can't be lending you me fightin' prowess as is, but I sure can be lendin' you me wisdom. Valaya knows you beardlings need it!

There's a structural failsafe built into every one of Ekrund's mines, in case of a krunk a horde of vermin rushin' through. Have a gander behind the elevator shaft. You'll see a lever - give it a heave back and forth, and the mine'll be safe and sound.

- Thronki Grimgirsson

Summary Edit

Find the Failsafe Lever near Thronki's tomb, behind the elevator in the bottom level of Durak's Mine of Ekrund. Pull it, and then report back to Fimki Grimgirsson outside the Redhammer Pub.

Objectives Edit

Quest Notes Edit

  • The quest objective 'Failsafe Lever' can be located on the bottom level of the public quest Durak's Mine, on the eastern side of the elevator, at approximate coordinates of 57000, 25700.

In Progress Edit

Have a gander behind the elevator shaft. If ye don't know what to do with a failsafe lever, don't come cryin' to me. Beardlings!

- Thronki Grimgirsson

On Completion Edit

Thronki himself helped you find the lever? Grungni bless us! Them mines were but a flake slip away from collapsing.

- Fimki Grimgirsson

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 1521

External Links Edit

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