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Nuln is one of the greatest cities in the Empire. It is famous for the Imperial Gunnery School which produce the best cannons in the whole Empire. The city of Nuln is also the last location where the River Reik can be bridged in a single span. Nuln is s Citystate in the southern-eastern part of the Reikland.

The state soldiers of Nuln fights in black uniforms. This suits the fact that many of the soldiers of Nuln are usually smeared in black powder.

Magnus the Pious was born in Nuln, and after his victory against Asavar Kul and his army in the Great War Against Chaos, he made it the capital of his reforged Empire. This didn't last long however, as the Emperor that followed him moved the capital to the Reikland city of Altdorf, the current capital and seat of Karl Franz, the Emperor.

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