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"The blood shall be a sign for you on the houses where you live; and when I see the blood I will pass over you, and no plague will befall you to destroy you when I strike the land..."
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Zone Info
Realm: Destruction
Army: Raven Host
Tier: 1
Paired with: Nordland
Norsca map
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Norsca is the Raven Host starting zone. Norsca is equivalent to an exaggerated fantasy version of the real world Viking era Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden and Denmark) and is just north of Kislev in the Old World. The Northmen who inhabit Norsca are called the Norse. In WAR, the Chaos army is assaulting Nordland - south across the Sea of Claws from Norsca.


Norsca is an icy, mountainous land to the North of the Empire across the Sea of Claws, where the people are wild and untamed and the culture is geared up to encourage fighting and warfare. The land of Norsca itself is heavily steeped in the mutating energy from the Realm of Chaos, and a great many Chaos-tainted monsters stalk the mountainous interior. While there exist a few barely civilised coastal villages who are willing to trade with the Empire and the other nations of the Old World. Most of the tribal Northmen (the Norse become more barbaric and tribal the further North in Norsca one travels) are followers of the Chaos gods, although they worship them as totemic animal gods and forces of nature rather than the forms they are more widely known as to scholars and sorcerors -it is only those Norse who become devoted followers of Chaos and feel the pull more strongly, that truly come to know the nature of the Ruinous Powers. The worship of Ulric and to a lesser extent Ursun has spread to the south of Norsca, though it is not widespread.

The Norse are inspired sailors, and their longships travel as far as the distant shores of Lustria (notably the settlement of Skeggi) in search of opportunities for trading or, more frequently, raiding. Barely a year goes by when the coastal settlements on the Sea of Claws are not subject to devastating, lightning quick raids for plunder and slaves. When Chaos warhosts march south from the Chaos Wastes, the Northmen of Norsca are inevitably caught up in the action, either joining the host in order to gain favour with their patron god, or forced to flee for their lives, or killed.

Norsca in the Age of ReckoningEdit

As the Age of Reckoning arrives, the warhost of the Raven God - one of the many guises of Tzeentch - is preparing to assault the lands of the Empire across the Sea of Claws. The isolated villages and settlements of southern Norsca stubbornly refuse to submit to the northern invaders, preferring instead to fight to the death to protect their way of life. As the forces of Chaos move south, plundering and ravaging the land as they go, the villagers find themselves surrounded and besieged, with a handful holding out against the odds thanks to the assistance of a wizard or hero in their midst.

In the eyes of Tchar'zanek, leader of the war host and Champion of the Raven God, the meagre villages of the north are hardly a concern. They are at worst a nuisance, and at best a proving ground where his warriors may cut their teeth and gain a taste of the victory which must surely come in the south. To the unfortunate souls who stand against him, Tchar'zanek offers a bleak choice – join the legions of the Raven God, or be sacrificed in his name.

PvE ContentEdit

Tome of KnowledgeEdit

Information on Tome of Knowledge unlocks / achievements in Norsca:

Public Quests and ChaptersEdit

Order Public Quests

4. The Pit of the Forsaken

Destruction Public Quests

1. Proving Ground
2. Rite of Passage

RvR contentEdit

Battleground objectives




For a list of subzones in Norsca, see the list below:

Norsca Subzones
Icon Empire Order of the Griffon
Icon Chaos Raven Host
GotlandGotland ForestRuins of HolmsteinnSuderholmThorshafnWulfsiege Forest
Norsca Map

Map over the Norsca zone

Detailed maps

Other locations

Creatures Edit

Norsca is a wild area with little in the way of civilisation. This has allowed many beasts to live freely, although some are tainted by the winds of Chaos that sometimes blow down from the northern wastes. The Norse who do live here are a harsh people, and almost all of them have fallen into the sway of one of the ruinous powers.

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