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"The blood shall be a sign for you on the houses where you live; and when I see the blood I will pass over you, and no plague will befall you to destroy you when I strike the land..."
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Zone Info
Realm: Order
Army: Order of the Griffon
Tier: 1
Paired with: Norsca
Nordland map
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Nordland is the starting Zone for Order of the Griffon players, and one of the electoral provinces of the Empire; as the name would suggest, Nordland is the province on the Empire's northern edge. Mostly dangerous forest, Nordland becomes more flat and meadow-like towards the coast, where most of the population lives, though the capital Salzenmund is inland. In the Age of Reckoning, the area is under attack from followers of Chaos from Norsca.

Overview Edit

The Barony of Nordland is a province on the northern coast of the Empire. The wild land of Norsca lies a short sail across the Sea of Claws, and the Chaos-aligned Northmen who live there carry out regular raids on the coastal settlements of Nordland. The people of the province, known as Nordlanders, are a tough, uncompromising lot, who have been in the first line of defense for the Empire for centuries. To the more gentle folk of the southern Empire they can seem gruff and quick to anger, with primitive or quaint traditions, and they would rather get to the point directly rather than bother with the intricacies of diplomacy, preferring action over words.

As Tchar'zanek's Raven Host sweeps into Nordland, it is met by a defense organized by emissaries of the Order of the Griffon, an elite order sent directly by the Emperor to prevent Nordland from collapsing in the face of the Chaos invasion. In villages and fields across the area a struggle is being fought against an implacable horde of barbarians bent on total conquest. The people of the Empire must find the courage to face a deadly foe, for if the people of Nordland should lose heart and give in to their fear, the Empire may be doomed before the war has even begun.

PvE content Edit

Nordland acts as an introduction to the Age of Reckoning for players of Empire characters, a journey that begins in the town of Grimmenhagen, in the Zone's southern region. These players are led north by various Quests and Public Quests, which eventually lead them into the neighboring Zone of Norsca. For players of Chaos characters, Nordland represent the culmination of the first Tier of play. Their journey leads south, along, the eastern edge of the zone, until it leads them to the entrance of Ostland.

Tome of Knowledge Edit

Information on Tome of Knowledge unlocks / achievements in Nordland:

Public Quests and Chapters Edit

While Nordland has 3 Chapters for the Empire and Order players, it only has two (the final two in tier 1) for Chaos and Detsruction players. Nevertheless there are many public quests to participate in.

Order Public Quests

1. War Comes to Grimmenhagen
2. The Muster of Nordland
3. The Battle of New Emskrank

Destruction Public Quests

3. Fearless Resistance
4. Proving Ground
Raven Host Vanguard

The Raven Host Vangaurd PQ

RvR content Edit

Nordenwatch ss

The Nordenwatch Scenario

Battleground objectives


Geography Edit

Nordland is seamlessly linked with Norsca to the north, and access to that zone may be gained by running along the eastern edge of the zone - the wetsern shoreline of the Sea of Claws. Access to Ostland can be gained through the south eastern edge of the zone, but requires a loading time to load into the Ostland/Troll Country pairing. Nordland is a land of hills, woods and pastures the hills becoming steeper and steeper the further inland one travels. Players in other T1 zones can fly here via the Flight Master in their respective areas.

Subzones Edit

For a list of subzones of Nordland in-game, see the template below:

Nordland Subzones
Icon Empire Order of the Griffon
Grey Lady Coaching InnGrimmenhagenGrimmenhagen BarrowsGrimmenhagen VillageGrimmenhagen WindmillNew Emskrank
Icon Chaos Raven Host
New EmskrankSalzenmund

Other locations Edit

Creatures Edit

The forests of Nordland have long been home to creatures both benign and deadly, though traditionally the majority of these have been natural in origin. However, with the coming of the servants of Chaos from the north, mutated and demonic beasts have begun to prowl the land and prey upon those weaker than themselves.

External links Edit

Icon Empire Order of the Griffon zones
Tier 1: Nordland • Tier 2: Ostland • Tier 3: Talabecland • Tier 4: Reikland • Capital: Altdorf

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