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This is a Bestiary Unlock for the Basilisk.

Destruction & OrderEdit

Climb up the mountainside at about 49000, 41000 (there is a slanted rock you can use to start your ascent). From there, head west up the mountain and then carefully drop down on the far side (very far falls, easy to die). Then head north to reach Komnor Bronzemug at 34700, 34300.

The journey to Komnor is non-intuitive as the map is uncharted, and consists of solid mountains. The following checkpoints will assist you on your journey. These are approximations.

  • 49,000 x 41,000 - Slanted Rock to ascend the mountain range. Work your way over to the next check point.
  • 41,000 x 45,500 - Continue Onward
  • 37,000 x 50,000 - Continue Onward
  • 36,000 x 40,000 - Continue Onward
  • 34,700 x 34,300 - Komnor Bronzemug He will on a piece of land that juts north into the lava lake.

Before you click on Komnor, make sure that your inventory has space. One of the contributors to this article was not able to get the mirror, and he believes that it may have been due to an inventory problem. Others in his group were able to complete the quest. He felt put out...

Komnor is a statue and when you click on him, you get Bronzemug's Mirror. When you click on Bronzemug's Mirror, you will be attacked by Bale Gaze (level 37 normal basilisk) and recieve this unlock. You do not need to actually kill Bale Gaze.

New Info:

I found it impossible to pass the cliffs as described above. Actually I spend a couple of hours trying. Instead you can do the following:

- Go to Cinderfall at loc 64/47. From this spot you can easily climb the cliffs. Start with going south and walk them all the way to the unlock without any problems. Be sure NOT to exit Cinderfall at the southern map border. If you do you teleport away.

Patch 1.4.7 moved the statue to an easier location, now at the end of the road you can see on map at 38k, 35k under a cliff.


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