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Shrine of Khaine 001
Shrine of Khaine

A Shrine of Khaine is an interactable object found in the Warhammer Online world during the Night of Murder Live Event. Interacting with a Shrine of Khaine will give you a "murderous boon," which is a buff.

Murderous Boons Edit

Name of Buff Duration Effects
Fascination with Murder Offensive 10 Minutes Critical hit rate increased 5%.
Critical hits taken increased 5%.

Shrines of Khaine Locations Edit

Shrine of Khaine locations in every zone should be shown on the in-game map.

Zone Tier Coordinates
The Blighted Isle Tier 1 36000, 51800
The Blighted Isle Tier 1 41900, 60200
Chrace Tier 1 30000, 60200
Chrace Tier 1 34100, 5200
Nordland Tier 1 25100, 12100
Nordland Tier 1 31400, 7000
Nordland Tier 1 37400, 2600
Norsca Tier 1 35100, 55300
Norsca Tier 1 43000, 59900

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