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The New World was named by humans from the Old World as it was newly discovered by them (the discovery was actually made by the Estalian explorer Marco Columbo who later settled in Tobaro). The New World is the great continental landmass to the west of the Great Ocean in the Warhammer World, while its own western coast is bound by the Far Sea. The New World consists of two major continents:

  • Lustria to the south is roughly in the same position and shape as South America on Earth, and is mostly covered in steaming, dark, hostile jungles, with a small area of plains and mesas in the south. It is inhabited by the ancient and cold-blooded race of Lizardmen.
  • Naggaroth lies to the north. The name of this continent has been the source of some debate, as the actual land of Naggaroth is the kingdom of the Dark Elves or Druchii (in Druhir) and is only a small part (the far north-east) of the entire continent.
  • There is also a small strip of land connecting the two, called the Isthmus of Lustria. It is usually said to be a part of the continent of Lustria, though this is not necessarily true.

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