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New Emskrank is a coastal village in Nordland. General Breuer, commander of the local militia, has established his headquarters on the edge of the village, from which he musters the villagers and organizes the defense of the shoreline against the black-sailed longships from the north. The fort of Nordenwatch overlooks the harbour of New Emskrank.

New Emskrank is also the location of the Tier 1 RvR Battlefield for the Empire/Chaos pairing, in which there are four major objectives to be controlled:

  • The Harvest Shrine - The highest plaza of the city, surrounded by mountains and buildings, this shrine is one of the most readily defensible areas in the city.
  • The Lost Lagoon - A Lagoon in the harbor just north of the city itself, and the only objective on the battlefield located in Norsca.
  • Festenplatz - The city's festival plaza, with paths leading down to the beach towards both the Chaos and Empire warcamps.
  • The Docks (Name check needed) - The Nordland IX is currently moored here, and is the actual location of the fourth battlefield objective. These docks are vital to the defense of the city and harbor against enemy watercraft.

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