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Nehekharan Gods and Goddesses are the deities in the mythology of the Tomb Kings and people of Nehekhara, taking hundreds of different forms. These can include natural phenomena (stars, moon, sun etc.) or animals of the desert. Most of the gods are only remembered because of blessing on the military, as all gods relating to average life have been nullified since normal life was destroyed by the curse of Nagash.


The gods are represented in a way similar to most cultures, but very different at the same time. The Ushabti statues are designed in the form of their gods, and as such inspire faith in the warriors, for to see their gods marching at their side to battle strengthened their bony resolve. They are animated by the Liche Priests before a battle. According to Nehekharan legends, these Gods walked the earth before the coming of man, and that their lives numbered in the millions of years. Eventually they became etheral and ghostly, though the Gods have sometimes taken the form of animals to interact with the world. Some choose to take no form. Most cities have temples to many gods, and usually a major temple to the deity which blesses their city. One of these is Lybaras, containing a giant monument to Asaph. in honour of her saving Khalida Neferher from a Vampire existence at the hands of Neferata, the Queen of Lahmia.


The Nehekharan Pantheon:

  • Ptra - Sun God: Also known as the Great Father. Is the first of the Nehekharan gods and is considered the creator of man.
  • Neru - Minor goddess of the moon and wife of Ptra.
  • Sakhmet - Minor goddess of the green moon. Ptra scheming and vindictive concubine, who is jealous of his love for mankind.
  • Asaph - Asp Goddess: Goddess of beauty,magic,and vengeance.
Supposedly saved Khalida Neferer from becoming a Vampire by magically filling her veins with Asp venom, purifying her blood.
  • Khsar - Fierce and malign god of the desert.
  • Djaf - Jackel-headed god of death.
  • Phakth - Hawk faced god of the sky and bringer of swift justice.
  • Qu'aph - God of serpents and subtlety.
  • Ualatp - Vulture-headed god of scavengers.
  • Sokth - Treacherous god of assassins and theives. Scorpions blessed by him.
  • Basth - Goddess of grace and love
  • Tahoth - God of knowledge and keeper of sacred lore.
  • Geheb - God of the earth and giver of strength
  • Usirian - Faceless god of the underworld, determines if souls are fit to go into the afterlife.

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