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Nehekharan Artifact (POI)

Nehekharan Artifact

Zone Avelorn (T3)
Coordinates 40300, 29400 (T3)

"I can show you what I mean. To the north of here lies a Dark Elf encampment, along the beach, where they have been studying their finds from the desert. If you were to make your way into their camp, and steal away with one of those items, you should see just how powerful they truly are."

"And, considering how powerful these artifacts are, you should understand why the 'rightful owners' might be motivated to rise from their tombs and reclaim them."

- Aerylia Windstrider, Quest Introduction Text: Chapter 2: The Trail of Bones II

The Nehekharan Artifact is an intractable object found in Avelorn and several other zones that plays a role in a quest line for the Beyond the Sands Live Event.

Use Edit

Interacting with the Nehekharan Artifact allows players to loot a Quest item of the same name, Nehekharan Artifact, which plays a key role in several quests unique to Beyond the Sands.

Quests Edit

Involved in Quests Edit

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