Necromantic Power

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Necromantic Power

Necromantic Power

Zone Avelorn (T3)
Coordinates 27900, 61900 (T3)

"I have an idea. If you use the artifact I tried to take from you earlier to summon another Nehekharan skeleton, then give the artifact to the creature, it should simply depart, to reunite it with the nearest source of necromantic power. That should be the relics that these Dark Elves here were keeping secret."

- Daeriaen Fellshard, Quest Introduction Text: Chapter 3: The Trail of Bones III

Necromantic Power is an intractable object found in Avelorn and several other zones that plays a role in a quest line for the Beyond the Sands Live Event.

Quests Edit

"Reunite the skeleton with the nearest source of necromantic power!"

- Daeriaen Fellshard, Quest In-Progress Text: Chapter 3: The Trail of Bones IV

Objective of Quests Edit

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