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Creature Info
Type Undead
Sub-Type Greater Undead
Variants: Unknown
Level range: Unknown

Necromancers are human sorcerers who manipulate the Wind of dark magic to perform necromancy, which gives them the power to extend their lifespan as well as cast spells to raise and control the undead. They can also drain the life force from their enemies and make them age unnaturally. The first and greatest Necromancer was the Nehekaran mage Nagash.

The fear of the undead among regular folk results in most Necromancers being shunned and cast out from civilization. They can be found living on the fringes of society, often near cemeteries in insignificant settlements where they can avoid the attentions of the Witch Hunters. Many end up joining the retinue of a powerful Vampire Count, acting as their lieutenant.

Some necromancers are powerful enough to not only lenghten their lives substantially but to even defy death and live far beyond their natural lifespans. They return to the world of the living as Liches, or undead Necromancers, the most feared of the undead. Although their flesh may have withered away, a Liche is still conscious, intellegent and immensly powerfull. However, most Necromancers do not succeed in thus cheating death and the unfortunate souls become Wraiths, malicious, spectral undead beings only given substance by their cloaks.

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