Narthain Sun Mage

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Narthain Sun Mage

Narthain Sun Mage

Rank 4 Mob
Type Humanoids
Subtype Elf
Species High Elf
Zone The Blighted Isle
Subzone Spires of Narthain

PC Reactions

Destruction Hostile

Narthain Sun Mages are High Elf mobs that spawn during the second stage of the Spires of Narthain Public Quest, in The Blighted Isle. They appear from the main tower and gather in groups of 4 around two magical conduits. They are aggressive, stand close to each other and respawn within a few seconds, but the completion of the stage will despawn all remaining mobs.

Involved in Public Quests Edit

Stage 2: Kill 15 Narthain Sun Mages within 10:00 minutes

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