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NaggarothMap Render

Rendered map of Naggaroth

Naggaroth (meaning Land of Chill in High and Dark Elven), is the cold and inhospitable realm of the Dark Elves, lying far across the Great Ocean to the west of the Old World. "Naggaroth" can mean either the northern continent of the New World as a whole, or specifically the northern region of the continent that is the realm of the Dark Elves.


The continent was originally inhabited by primitive fur-clad humans who fought with Greenskins and Hung in the north. When the Dark Elves arrived they exterminated or enslaved most of these, though the Northmen fled to the Chaos Wastes and would continue to harass them until the construction of the Watchtowers. The Dark Elves, though not inhabiting most of Naggaroth have been the major power there since, including annihilating a High Elf invasion fleet in the Sea of Chill.


Naggaroth is for the most part a cold, bleak land of tall pine forests and jagged mountains. Though Naggaroth can refer to the continent that resembles North America as a whole, it generally only means the kingdom of the Dark Elves, which is situated in the north eastern quarter of the continent. The land of the Dark Elves, the Land of Chill, is a cold and windy land with regular snow. The stormy, fridgid seas crash against the rocky shores of the Sea of Malice and the Sea of Chill in the north-east of the continent, and that area is also filled with towering pine forests resistant to the cold, and exposed rocky outcrops such as the Granite Hills.

The Blackspine Mountains are a huge series of cold, rocky and largely unforested mountains running down the west coast of Naggaroth and well inland as well. The mountains join with the Iron Mountains and the Ironfrost Glacier at the north and end where the land bridge to Lustria begins in the south. The Blackspine mountains are snow tipped in the north and are famous for their violent electrical storms. In the south the mountains become volcanic. The mountains are inhabited by fearsome creatures such as Harpies and Manticores. There exists a giant gaping rift torn by natural forces in the mountains, this huge canyon which continues down into nothingness is known as the Pits of Zardok.

To the west of the Blackspine Mountains the land becomes flat and barren and dry with a red-orange tint to the soil, deserts such as the Plain of Dogs and the Ironsand Desert in the south, and the Plain of Spiders and the Red Desert in the north. A sea inlet called the Witch Sea travels far inland and is where the Witch Gate exits the Underworld Sea. a vast array of isles, broken from the mainland in ancient times are called the Broken Lands and they guard the west coast of Naggaroth from the currents of the Far Sea, these include the Rumblings Isles, the Sulpheret Islands in the south and the Isle of Great Beasts. The small strip of sea between the Broken Lands and the coast is called the Boiling Sea.

On the continent's east coast, south of the lands inhabited by the Dark Elves lies Vaul's Anvil on the edge of the Doom Glades, an extensive series of fog-shrouded marshes which run from the Blackspine Mountains to the sea at the Bleak Coast, forcing travellers to go through them.

The Forests of Arnheim, non-pine forests, lie south of here and continue all the way south along the coast of the Straits of Fear, a narrow strip of fertile land between the Blackspine Mountains and the sea.

Underworld SeaEdit

Running underneath the Blackspine Mountains is a vast labyrinth of tunnels, caves and caverns (many filled with water) that honeycomb Naggaroth, known as the Underworld Sea. Because of their chance discovery by the Dark Elf Lord of Hag Graef, the Druchii now have free reign of the world's oceans, where before they had been confined to the Sea of Malice and the Sea of Chill by the superior naval capabilities of the High Elf fleet. The Dark Elves now use this advantage to raid shores far away from their cold home and bring back slaves and plunder for their coffers.

The Underworld Sea is extremely difficult to navigate even for an experienced Dark Elf navigator. Besides that, the sea is full of Kraken and other terrible creatures which lurk in the deep places of the world, and even the main causeways are treacherous. Dark Elf Corsairs and mariners tell tales of a fearsome race of creatures which dwell in the Underworld Sea and prey upon Druchii ships, but most Dark Elves regard these as exaggerations and myth.

There are several entrances and exits to the Underworld Sea and the caverns beneath the mountains, as well as many more minor entrances to the Underworld Sea, such as the one at the Lakes of the Abyss. Some of the main ones are:

  • The Underway, which is a huge cave entrance into which the Sea of Malice flows.
  • The Doom Gate, which is in the eastern foothills of the mountains.
  • The Hex gate, which comes out at the Cold Water Lakes in the mountains.
  • The Witch Gate, which comes out into a large sea inlet on Naggaroth's west coast called the Witch Sea which can be traversed until one gets to the Boiling Sea and eventually the Far Sea, then to raid distant shores.
  • The Sewer Gate, which comes out at an unnamed lake.
  • The Wraith Gate, which comes out on land on the western edge of the mountains, just south of Kraken lake.


Naggaroth is inhabited by various vicious creatures such as:

  • Harpies in the Blackspine Mountains and along the north east coasts in cliffs. Harpies have also taken up residence in the tallest of towers in some Dark Elf cities such as Clar Karond.
  • Manticores in the Blackspine mountains and the deserts to the west.
  • Hydras in the pine forests and rocky outcrops therein.
  • Cold Ones are common throughout both Naggaroth and Lustria.
  • Black Dragons are said to lurk in the Black spine mountains. They are said to have been taken from the lands of Caledor in Ulthuan but some say they are a gift from Khaine.

Settlements and CitiesEdit

Naggaroth has several cities and features, due to the desolate nature of the surrounding landscape, Dark Elf populations are very concentrated in these areas:

  • Naggarond, the Tower of Chill

Naggarond is the most mighty of all the cities of Naggaroth and is the seat of the Witch King. Its black stone walls rise a hundred feet from the ground and set within them are four vast gateways with doors of iron fifty feet high. Within the city's walls, and at its pinnacle stands the tower of the Witch King. From his tall tower the Witch King rules his domain with a will of iron. It rises high above the rest of the city, for it is a great and impregnable fortress in its own right. The Black Guard are based in Naggarond.

Har Ganeth is ruled by Hellebron and home to the Temple of Khaine which trains the Witch Elves and (in WAR) the Disciples of Khaine. Har Ganeth is the city of the Executioners, who also serve as an elite unit of the Dark Elf armies, though are not playable in WAR. The very name of Har Ganeth is cursed with evil. In Ulthuan none will even speak of the city which they call only the cursed place.

  • Ghrond, the North Tower

Ghrond is ruled by the Dark Convent. Ghrond is the city of the Dark Convent it is here that Sorceress are trained but male wizards are not allowed (see the Career Overview for why). Ghrond lies in the bitterly cold north of the Witch King's domain. In shape it is like the great city of Naggarond, yet in size it is far smaller, it's single massive tower, grim, black, and slender like a spear, rises from its mountain spur. It's is here that Malekiths Sorceresses spy on the world.

  • Clar Karond, the Tower of Doom

Clar Karond is the strongest Naval City of the Dark Elves, where the raiding ships are built. The city is vast and sprawling, and all around it is surrounded by forests of towering pines, black trees that cloak the ground beneath, leaving the forests of shadows. Chained slave gangs work the forests, cutting and dragging the massive timbers into Clar Karond (the tower of Doom as it is known in the language of Men) to construct the Witch King's mighty fleet.

  • Karond Kar, the Tower of Despair

Karond Kar is the great Dark Elf depot of slavery. It is here that hundreds of thousands of slaves are brought by slave ships every year from across the world ; Men, High Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, and more brought here to serve the Witch King. From the docks the slaves are driven in chains amidst the jeering crowds. As the slave masters beat them forward many stumble on the steep rock and are trampled to death by the chained feet of those who follow. At this sight the crowds laugh and cry with pleasure, as this sorry spectacle is considered great entertainment. The wailing spirits of dead slaves are said to haunt the whole city. Many of the slaves are sacrificed upon the altars of Khaine, while others are sent north and south to labor in the mines, quarries, and shipyards that support the Witch King's war machines. The City is located in sea of chill on a small island with Karond Kar as it's single city so for a slave there is no way out.

The Beastmasters from Karond Kar and there mighty hydras and manticores are from this city. When a Druchii child shows aptitude for taming beasts he is sent to the Tower of Despair to study under the masters that dwell there.

  • Hag Graef, the Dark Crag

Hag Graef is, of all the cities of the Dark Elves, feared the most. No captive has ever escaped from this place. The city lies at the bottom of a cold, dark valley and is completely surrounded by mountains of bare black rock, no sunlight reaches the city and it is shrouded in gloom and shadow. Here are the mines and quarries from where the Witch King takes iron and stone to arm his warriors and build his fortresses. Thousands of slaves labour in his service. It is here, during their excavations, that the Dark Elves discovered the great subterranean lake they call the Underworld Sea.

  • The Watchtowers

Across the Northlands the Witch King has built many watch towers upon the borders of the Realm of Chaos, where the Chaos gods watch and listen, gathering their armies for the time when chaos shall inherit the whole world. So, the Dark Elves watch as well. The towers where made after the siege of grond. The Towers guard against the warbands that would destroy their lands, and armies wait for the invasion of Chaos, safe behind their stone walls in the bitter cold of the north.

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