N'Kari, Keeper of Secrets

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N'Kari, Keeper of Secrets

N'Kari, Keeper of Secrets

Rank 46 Lord Mob
Type Daemons
Subtype Daemons of Slaanesh
Species Keeper of Secrets
Zone Avelorn
Subzone The Lost Vale, Alarielle's Palace

PC Reactions

Order Hostile

N'Kari, Keeper of Secrets is the final boss of dungeon The Lost Vale. He is a greater daemon of Slaanesh.

N'Kari led the First Chaos Incursion on Ulthuan, before being defeated by Aenarion.

Following his defeat, N'Kari vowed vengeance against Aenarion's bloodline.

When N'Kari did return, he made good on his threat to destroy Aenarion's line by launching sudden attacks on Elven settlements, only to suddenly retreat without explanation. Only when the elven seers discovered that elves descended from Aenarion had been kidnapped did they learn that the N'Kari that was attacking their kingdom was the same being that invaded Ulthuan six thousand years before. In addition, the seers had accounted for all of Aenarion's heirs and realized that the ones left alive on the island were twins, named Tyrion and Teclis.

Without delay, the twins were spirited away and hidden at the Shrine of Asuryan and protected by the Phoenix Guard.

But it was in that moment when N'Kari leds his forces to the Shrine of Asuryan and was defeated at tremendous cost in lives, including the decimation of the Phoenix Guard who all gave their lives to protect the twin princes.

Only Tyrion and Teclis remained to fight N'Kari, and seeking to protect his weaker brother Tyrion fought against the daemon, all the while the daemon toyed with the prince. but the Keeper of Secrets had underestimated Teclis, who used his magic to support his brother, knocking N'Kari into the sacred flame of Asuryan and driving away the daemon.

N'Kari would again trouble the twins, when 30 years later Malekith, Witch King of the Druchii would send the Keeper of Secrets against the Everqueen Alarielle and her protector, his kinsman Tyrion, only to be defeated by the prince with the aid of his brother Teclis yet again.

While attempting to recover the Altar of Khaine from the Druchii, N'Kari was allied with the Druchii, and this time armed with Sunfang, Tyrion was able to defeat N'Kari without the aid of his brother.

Known AbilitiesEdit

- 7500 dmg Cleave attack which reaches the other side of the room


N'Kari, Keeper of Secrets is by far the most challenging fight in lost vale, it requires group synergy and at least 6500-7000 hit points for every party member to help combat random aoe effect that might happen to stack if your unlucky. Has two phases, tank and spank phase and orb phase.

To activate N'Kari, Keeper of Secrets kill the 3 (sometimes 4) mobs standing around a fire being sure someone picks up at least one channeling stone from the dead mobs to negate N'Kari's aoe attack.

When N'Kari, Keeper of Secrets spawns main tank needs to pick her up right away. Auras will appear underneath random players, several effects occur depending on what color it is, none of them are good, get out of it.

N'Kari, Keeper of Secrets will pick up and drop a random player, once they land aoe damage will hit all players close to drop point, aoe damage is avoidable except for person dropped.

Usually right before the orb phase N'Kari, Keeper of Secrets will channe her AOE torment, use your channeling stone to stop it. Once used, the stone will be be dropped on the floor next to you, pick it back up.

Orb Phase- N'Kari, Keeper of Secrets stands still for about 10 seconds while players grab orbs, orbs spawn near the fire where the mobs were to start the fight. Orbs move around in the room two going up the stairs and two staying on floor. It is very important the purple and blue orbs get picked up by the correct people.

Purple: 1 Tank orb +10k hp, instant and unavoidable aggro after N'Kari becomes mobile (same person can't pick up this orb twice in a row)

Blue: 1 Healer orb +350% healing

Red: 2 dps orbs +100% damage

N'Kari, Keeper of Secrets Now does about 7.5k damage with a room wide cleave, she must be facing away from group.

Two adds will spawn, kill them first then dps down N'Kari.

Shortly after adds are down Orb phase ends, back to tank and spank.


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