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Mysterious Thief

Mysterious Thief

Rank 2 Mob
Type Humanoids
Subtype Elves
Species Dark Elf
Zone Altdorf
Subzone The Slums

PC Reactions

Order Friendly

"Fool, you will not compromise this operation. Time to die!"

- Mysterious Thief

A Mysterious Thief has stolen the Airship Schematics of Ernst Aerostat, and it is imperative that they be returned. A mob unique to Bitter Rivals, this mob can be found in the city of Altdorf, in The Slums. Once confronted, the Mysterious Thief drops his disguise and is revealed as a Dark Elf Spy. The mob's rank becomes one appropriate to the character addressing it, and can then be faught and killed.

Unique Loot Edit

"My first real chance at fundin' and some two-bit thief makes off with my schematics."

- Ernst Aerostat

Upon the defeat of the Mysterious Thief, the Airship Schematics are added to the character's Quest Inventory.

Quests Edit

"Problem is, I can't find where the plans have got to. I saw someone messin' with my shipment when I was comin' back from a little break at the tavern. By the time I reached the stack he'd legged it down that alley."

- Ernst Aerostat, Quest Introduction Text: Getting Off the Ground III

Objective of Quests Edit

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