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This is a part of Achievements (Pursuits: The Gateway to Ultimate Knowledge).

As of 3/29/2010, Order cannot right click the tainted crystal. It seems to be only attackable which does not provide the unlock.

As of 7/4/2010, Destro cannot right-click the tainted crystal, as above.

As of 11/31/2011, we can right click the crystal but no Stones of wisdom in my bags. Need further investigation. Vargz Chosen rr 100 3661 unlocking.

Find a Tainted Crystal at 35000, 16000. This is North of Fire Crystal Caverns in Thanalorn Forest in the Blighted Isle. Right click on the Tainted Crystal for the unlock. This should spawn up to four Stones of Wisdom. Each One unlocks a new achievement towards The gateway to Ultimate Knowledge. The actual number of unlocks you recieve appear to based in someway on your own experiance in the game. So that your rank, reknown rank, and/or number of tome unlocks play a part in the number of unlocks you will actually recieve.

Tome TextEdit

Mysterious Gateway

The High Elves have long cherished the practiced mind, valuing reason and restraint above passion and emotion. For such high ideals, their reasoning is starkly simple: they do not wish to se themselves succumb to the same indulgent and feverish wrath as their terrible cousins.

What mysteries does this gateway hold for the enlightened mind? What secrets would the High Elves hide from the rest of the world?


XP: 104

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