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Mugga's Plans
Quest Item

Mugga's Plans is a Tier 2 quest item obtained as part of an Order quest chain in the Marshes of Madness.

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'Mugga's Plans' is obtained by defeating 'Mugga da Wolf Rider' a Goblin that can be found patrolling the roads of Rotfoot Swamp. Its recovery is the objective of the quest Caravan Duty, and it appears in a player's quest inventory automatically when Mugga is defeated as part of the quest line.

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Searching through the Goblin's belongings, you find a parchment covered in scriblings that appear to describe the network of roads that the Dwarfs are building throughout the marsh. Following the scribblings with your hand, you notice that they all lead to a spot on the map marked simply as Da Boyz.

- Quest Completion Text: Caravan Duty I

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