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Mousillon, City of the Damned, is a dukedom in Bretonnia and was the birth place of Landuin, one of the companions of Gilles Le Breton. The port at the estuary of River Grismerie in the east of Bretonnia is a dark place since the dawn of time and has become even more dilapitated and a haven for evil beings ever since the Red Pox swept through, decimating the population. The dukedom has had no Duke since Maldred tried to seize the throne.



Magical energy blows down from the Realm of Chaos into the Warhammer World. Dark Magic has the tendency to precipitate at certain places and once it's there it attracts more of its kind. Such places spawn Undead and Necromancers, and other evil beings gravitate towards them. Mousillon is such a place and has been ill-famed as long as can be remembered.

Before the foundation of Bretonnia, Mousillon was but a small village built on a swamp at the estuary of River Grismerie. In -208 IC, the land east of the Grey Mountains was divided in sixteen areas, each controlled by one of the major Bretonni horsetribes. They would later become the dukedoms. Mousillon was one of them and carried the device of the "fleur-de-lys".

Landuin, first Duke of MousillonEdit

Around 975 IC, Mousillon found itself under severe pressure from Greenskin armies, like a large part of what would become Bretonnia at that time. Landuin, the leader of Mousillon, led his army to join Gilles le Breton of Bastonne who had beaten back the Orcs besieging his own city. They are joined by Thierulf of Lyonesse. The three are the first of the Grail Companions who were blessed by the Lady of the Lake and founded Bretonnia in a series of great battles against the Greenskins. In 979 Mousillon was formalized as one of the fourteen Dukedoms of the newly founded nation of Bretonnia and Landuin was appointed its first Duke. The fame of Landuin gained Mousillon much honour, despite its former bad reputation.

Mousillon would almost become the seat of the king, for upon Gilles' death, many people thought that Landuin should succeed him.  Instead, Gilles' son, Louis, was crowned king and Thierulf of Lyonesse was appointed his steward.  During this time Louis "The Rash" set upon his quest for the Holy Grail, much to the chagrin of Mousillon.

After Gilles' death and an argument with Thierulf, Landuin, first Duke of Mousillon, fell into a malaise and Mousillon fell with him. He died in 1045. The short-lived glory of Mousillon was at an end.

The Red PoxEdit

Around 1813 IC the Red Pox, a terrible plague, ravaged Bretonnia, killing many. As both knight and peasent fell victim to the disease, the nefarious Skaven emerged and launced an invasion of the already decimated nation. Mousillon, a city which floods with murky water nearly every spring and lies in the middle of swampy marshes, the buildings subject to rot and fungi, was almost completely destroyed. The Duke at that time, Merovech, and his knights were strangly unaffected. Rumours said he had dabbled with the dark powers. Whether true or not, he was full of good intentions and wanted to restore the glory of Mousillon as it had been during Landuin's reign. Some say he even believed he was Landuin reborn. He rode out against the ratmen and freed Bretonnia from them with the help of the Wood Elves and what few troops the other dukes had left. In battle, he behaved most cruel and not at all chivalrous.

To celebrate the victory, a large banquet was held in the hall of Mousillon. The guests were most displeased by the horrors in the dining hall. Criminals captured throughout the dukedom had been impaled within it. Merovech, drunk, felt as if his hospitality was being insulted and challenged the king to a duel. He killed the king and Merovech was shortly after declared the new king by the Fay Enchantress. But it wouldn't last long, shortly after, the duke of Lyonesse gathered his army, and whoever else would aid them and then rode out against Mousillon as the knights of the cursed city revolted against their insane ruler. Merovech was killed and Lyonesse claimed much of Mousillon.

Years later, the Red Pox broke out again, and once more it killed the was majority of the people in Mousillon. Its population never recovered. To this day, over half of the houses are empty. Duke Jean-Luc, determined to evade the plaque, invited all the nobles to the palace. Closing all traffic to the outside world, he hoped to keep the plague out. While his people suffered and died, the nobles held banquets and balls, feasting from the stocks in the palace's cellars. On Geheimnisnacht there was a masked ball. During this fest, a strange visitor garbed in black and red and carrying a scythe is said to have infiltrated, bringing the Pox to its participants. The next day, the Pox had left the city, the nobles were found dead, marked by the disease.

Maldred, the last Duke of MousillonEdit

This was not the last time Mousillon would fall to shame. Duke Maldred of Mousillon plotted to become king. He kidnapped the Fay Enchantress and claimed to have recovered the Grail, which later was proved to be a false one. This "Affair of the False Grail" led to the downfall of the Mousillon. Maldred was killed in the ensuing siege, and Mousillon was formally disgraced and by the kings decree it would never afterwards know a Duke.

Recent YearsEdit

Mousillon, the damned city, is in a deplorable state: over half of the houses are abandoned, stone and wood are rotting, fungus cover the walls. Because of the bad drainage and the swampy ground, the dead are buried above ground, often in fortified graves guarded by family guards to avoid grave robbing by the many anatomists and necromancers who hope to conduct their studies on the dead specimens. Some even make business out of selling corpses. The graveyards of Mousillon are larger than the city itself. The wells are rumoured to be poisoned with warpstone and many mutants lurk the streets of Mousillon together with Ghouls and Undead creatures.

There is the tale of Jacques de Noirot who, in his experiments with Necromancy, accidently rose all the dead in the cemeteries around Mousillon, but couldn't control them. He was killed by the Undead he animated and they rampaged through the city.

There are still citizens in the city, as well as disposed knights who seek refuge, and malformed peasant who have been driven out of their homes. The descendents of the bloodline of Mousillon rule them with absolute authority. They wear black armour, never raise their visors and are decadent and corrupt. Once in a while a group of knights enter the streets to hunt the evil things and clear the ruins of the monstrosities that live within. It is rumoured that Louen Leoncoeur, the present king of Bretonnia might soon proclaim a new war against the City of the Damned to burn it to the ground.

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