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Mourkain Temple
Mourkain Temple ss
Scenario info
Frontier: Dwarfs vs Greenskins
Tier: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Ruleset: Murderball
Size: 12v12
Points: 500
Scoring: Player Kill (10)
Artifact Carrier Kill (20)
Carrying Artifact (3 per second)
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Mourkain Temple is a Murder Ball scenario played out in the Marshes of Madness, around the half-sunken ruins of an ancient temple. The objective is a red glowing magical Mourkain artifact located at the heart of the temple that players can pick up and carry.

Summary Edit

Find the Mourkain Artifact and seize it for your realm. Killing the enemy while carrying the Mourkain Artifact will yeild more points, but slaying the artifact bearer also yields increased rewards. Carrying the Artifact will inflict damage to the carrier over time.


The flag spawns soon after the beginning of the game so the key is to take the middle ground early on in the game. After a while the flag carrier starts taking damage over time so it is important to keep them healed. Before the flag carrier dies it is also important to keep him back so that the enemy cannot capture it.

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