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"The blood shall be a sign for you on the houses where you live; and when I see the blood I will pass over you, and no plague will befall you to destroy you when I strike the land..."
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Mount Gunbad is a mountain near the Badlands riddled with caves, mines and ancient tunnels, currently infested with Night Goblins. These mines are a major source of Brightstone (Kh. Brynduraz), a rare blue crystal needed by the Dwarfs to forge the mighty weapons known as Doomstrikers. In WAR, Mount Gunbad serves as a mid to high level PvE Dungeon for players to explore and defeat the adversaries within.


In Order of Difficulty (Trash Mob Level Range)

  • Alchemy Wing (23-24)
  • Nursery Wing (25~)
  • Central Wing (27~)

Alchemy Wing (East Wing) Edit


  • Death Shadow Bone Giant
  • Deathshadow Haruspex
  • Deathshadow Warrior
  • Deathshadow Arbalest
  • Redeye Fanatic
  • Redeye Mixa
  • Redeye Moonburna
  • Redeye Howlagit
  • Redeye Alchemist
  • Redeye Snotling


«1st PQ Boss» - Masta Wrangla Glix

  • Normal Attacks (Crits)
  • Whirl an' Twirl (Melee AoE)
  • Forceful Stab

«Boss» - Blarpot the Old

  • Wide Swing

«2nd PQ Boss» - Elder Kizzig da Waaagha

  • Normal Attacks (Crits)
  • Forceful Stab
  • Whirl an' Twirl (Melee AoE)

«3rd PQ Boss» - Herald of Solithex

  • Frozen Touch
  • Mourkain Rift (Stationary Ground AoE)

Instanced Area [Basic INF Achieved to Unlock] - Gunbad Lab

«Final Bosses» - Krunk da Big 'un -> Masta Mixa

Phase I -Tank engages. Randomly (Although it seems to use it at low health) does an AoE knockback, in which players initially take damage and consequently players may take damage from the fall depending on the player's position before the knockback. At approximately 6-9% Krunk becomes neutral, turns into a chicken and de-spawns. Masta Mixa spawns.

«Krunk da Big 'un»

  • Wide Swing (Melee AoE)
  • Bye Bye (AoE Knockback)

Phase II -Briefly neutral then becomes hostile. Tank engages. Summons Jar of Pummeling (Green Fists). Able to summon multiple Jars of Pummeling. Summons Gitzappa da Stick.

«Masta Mixa»

  • Whirlin' Brain Bursta
  • Jar of Pummeling (Non-Stationary Ground AoE)
  • Summon Gitzappa da Stick

«Gitzappa da Stick»

  • Siphon o' da Mixa (Disabling Effect)

Hatchery/Nursery Wing (West Wing) Edit


  • Oozespawn Plaguebearer
  • Oozespawn Nurgling
  • Skewerin' Squigling
  • Rotgorged Maggot
  • Squigling
  • Deathspewin' Squig
  • Redeye Squig Masta
  • Swarmin' Lit'l Squig
  • Redeye Pen Wrangla
  • Cannibalizin' Squigling
  • Slimespawn Squigling


«Boss» - Toofmaw

«1st PQ Boss» - Griblik da Stinka

  • Normal Attacks (Crits)
  • Vile Vomit (Frontal AoE)

«Boss» - Bilebane the Rager

  • Wide Swing (Melee AoE)

«2nd PQ Boss» - Garrolath the Poxbearer

  • Gore
  • Knockback

«3rd PQ Boss» - Foul Mouf da 'ungry

  • Chomp
  • Grotesque Belch (AoE)

«Quest Boss» Kurga da Squig-Maka

  • Blast Wave

Instanced Area [Advanced INF Achieved to Unlock] -

«Final Boss» - Glomp the Squig Masta

Phase I -Aggros after all surrounding Squigs have been killed.Deals ranged physical DPS.

«Glomp the Squig Masta»

  • In da Face
  • Da Big Arrer
  • Acidic Muck(Stationary Ground AoE)

Phase II -Runs into an alcove and adds spawn. He will attack party members if in range. Adds spawn and path to group. Returns to Phase I after killing all the adds.


  • Stinkspewin' Squigs
  • Spikestabba Squigs

Barracks: Central Wing Edit


First PQ is one involving giants. The second PQ is killing spiders. The third PQ is difficult, DO NOT hit any of the ranged NPCs that fire across the gap at the undead (and do not kill the undead). If you do, they will all attack you, with 300m range, and a quick respawn timer. Any mobs that do not aggro on their own should be left alone in this area.

Approach to Solithex & bugged archersEdit

There are archers in the floor that will pop up on normal range aggro. Cross over straight from the bridge and stay right and you may get by. Work your way over the second bridge (on the right) and if archers block the way wait till they go back to their usual place. The skeleton archers are bugged. If you cannot avoid archer aggro (I couldn't at 27), get into melee with them as quickly as possible so they swap to swords. You can then pull them back slowly if you need to reposition. Otherwise they will fall down through the floor and cannot be attacked except by a WL, but they still attack with their 300m bow attack. Unconfirmed solution to this may be to run back over the bridge to make them reset. Again, avoid attacking anything that does not attack you first.

Testing with a 23rd rank aggros everything in sight at this stage, including lots of the bugged archers, generally leading to a wipe - this run is possible with a 27.


The wing boss isn't very difficult compared with actually zoning into his lair. Once there you kill the wheel and spawn him and he'll unsummon at about 75% & spawn 3 pretty easy champs. After those he returns until his hp is a little lower. He then spawns Mourkain Pillars that spawn skeletons - dps these the pillars down fast to avoid getting overrun by skeletons and finish off Solithex. He spawns Pit of Shades so get one group member on high graphics to call the ball and he 'consumes' groupmembers (except the main assist) - not fatal but irritating.


One of the rewards for Solithex is a +44hp / 4s jewel that is really worth the fight at mid-20s.

Tome of Knowledge Edit

Information on Tome of Knowledge unlocks / achievements in Mount Gunbad:

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