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Morr is the classical God of Death and Dreams in the pantheon of the Old World. He is the ruler of the underworld, and is depicted as a tall, brooding man with an aristocratic bearing, wrapped in dark robes. In Old Worlder belief he is the guardian of the souls of the dead.

He presides over the realm of death, called the Shadowrealm, which is inhabited by the souls of the dead. Morr is also known as the Guardian of Dreams, as the realm of death closely borders the land of dreams. It is also said that he is able to create illusions and communicate through dreams. His symbols are the raven, the scythe, the hourglass, the black rose and the stone portal. He is the husband of Verena, who is said to have knowledge of all that is past while he is the master of dreams and of that which is yet to be. His brother and foremost rival is Khaine, who, in the Old World, is the god of murder and patron of necromancers and assassins.


Although priests of Morr are found throughout the Old World wherever there are dead to be taken care of, his is not a religion which is practiced widely. He is worshipped mainly by the bereaved, who offer up prayers and sacrifices in the hope that their departed will reach his realm safely and prosper there. Interpreters of dreams and those who wish to be free of nightmares also invoke him. Many Amethyst wizards consider Morr to be their patron. In addition, those who fight against the undead, such as Witch Hunters call upon him for divine help, for the art of necromancy enslaves the souls of those who should rightfully enter Morr's domain.


  • Morr is the father of the war goddess Myrmidia and her sister Shallya, the goddess of compassion and also the older brother of Khaine.
  • The Amethyst mages, those mages studying the Lore of Death, have a close connection with the Cult of Morr. Ranald, the God of Thieves and Tricksters, however, is often said to be one of his antagonists.
  • In Mordheim, human mercenaries and adventures would often employ the service of a priest of Morr when having to deal with Vlad von Carstein's undead minions.
  • Many necromancers are actually corrupted and fallen priests of Morr or former Amethyst mages.
  • It is said that Morr's daughter, Shallya, was once rescuing everyone from the brink of death, leaving her father with nothing to do. To stop this, Morr told his daughter to only rescue one soul every moment.

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