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Morathi, The Hag Queen

Morathi the Hag Sorceress is the mother of Malekith and one-time consort of Aenarion, who rescued her from a warband of Slaanesh in the days of the first Chaos invasion before the Sundering.

She is not only the lone Witch Elf allowed to use magic, but she is also the most powerful user of Dhar and one of the most powerful magic-users in the world of Warhammer, on the same level as Nagash, the Lords of Change and Teclis. She has struck daemonic pacts with many vile and disturbing forces, and can unleash the terrible power of Chaos.


Morathi's time with the Chaos worshippers tainted her and she later started the insidious Cult of Pleasure which would later be Malekith's supposed motive for executing many of his rivals and eventually starting the Elven civil war. After the Witch King himself, Morathi is the most powerful Dark Elf in all of Naggaroth. Born to scheming and politics, and a talented Sorceress, Morathi has spent five thousand years teaching her son all she knows of statecraft and magic, and works to maintain his grip on the throne of Naggaroth.

Morathi is the first Hag Queen of the Witch Elves, and although the sect now follows her rival Hellebron, many that pray at the altar of Khaine owe their loyalty to the sorceress. It is also claimed that she brought forth the first Cauldron of Blood, some say given to her by bloodthirsty Khaine himself. Once a year during the Death Night, she bathes in the boiling blood within the cauldron rejuvenating her old tired flesh emerging from the steam as young and beautiful as when she left the shores of Ulthuan.

Morathi rides her Dark Pegasus Sulephet into battle.

In the Age of ReckoningEdit


Morathi in WAR

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In WAR Morathi resides in the throne room in the Inevitable City next to Tchar'zanek. She is level 40 Lord and has 2 skulls at her nameplate. Her voice is typical voice of female Dark Elves.

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