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Morai-Heg is an Elven goddess known as the Keeper of Souls or the Crone. She is said to hold a parch made of skin within which the fates of mortals are kept. She has the ability to read the future in the passage of the stars, and when death approaches she sends Banshees to foretell it with their wails. When an Elf dies, his soul passes into her possession and if she chooses she can release it to re-enter the world of the living again. It is believed that Morai-Heg knows every mortal secret.

Morai-Heg is portrayed as an ancient and withered creature clad in ragged dark robes and carrying a gnarled, twisted staff and pouch. Her worship is probably the least popular among the High Elves. Outside Elvenkind the Crone is almost unknown although there are certain followers of Morr, the Old World God of Death, that have heard of her and respect her.

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