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Moonrise Tower, The Blighted Isle

Moonrise Tower serves as the last bastion of defense for the beleaguered refugees of fallen Calumel. Pursued by the scouts of House Arkaneth and bearing with them the body of their fallen Prince, Udaen Mournfire, these High Elves face a grim reality if reinforcements fail to arrive in time.

In Warhammer Online Edit

Moonrise Tower serves as the starting area for High Elves, and acts as a secluded location for new players to learn the game's basic controls. The available quests are simple, and their natural progression soon leads players to the ruins of Calumel itself, and eventually the rest of the Blighted Isle beyond that.

Moonrise Tower NPCs Edit


Body of Prince Udaen Mournfire

Service NPCs Edit

Merchants Edit

Trainers Edit

Quests Edit

The Blighted Isle Subzones
Icon High Elves Shining Guard
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Icon Dark Elves House Uthorin

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