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Moonrise Forest, The Blighted Isle

After Calumel fell to the agents of House Arkaneth, the survivors fled to Moonrise Forest to conceal themselves. However, Dark Elf scouts have followed their fleeing kin, and the inhabitants of the forest itself now turn on the High Elves that were once their allies.

In Warhammer Online Edit

Moonrise Forest is the starting quest area for High Elves. Situated between Moonrise Tower and the Ruins of Calumel, on the Blighted Isle, this isolated region contains low-level mobs suitable for players as low as rank 1.

Moonrise Forest NPCs Edit

Moonrise Forest, Mournfire Relic

Dark Elf Looter, near Mournfire Relic

Moonrise Forest Mobs Edit

Quests Edit

The Blighted Isle Subzones
Icon High Elves Shining Guard
AduneiAzurewood ForestAzurewood GladeCalumelDaroir LacorithDuskwatchFire Crystal CavernsHalls of LileathLacorith VillageMiralei ShoalsMoonrise ForestMoonrise Tower
Icon Dark Elves House Uthorin

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