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Mistwood Grove

Mistwood Grove

Tier 1 {{{difficulty}}} Public Quest
Realm Destruction
Zone The Blighted Isle
Chapter 2
Rally Master Akrana

Mistwood Grove is a subzone and Public Quest for the forces of Destruction and is located in The Blighted Isle. It is part of the Chapter 2 Dark Elf storyline and the easy difficulty is suitable for 2-3 players.

Lore Edit

Having successfully taken Greywind Point, the Dark Elves of House Uthorin continue their southern push into the Blighted Isle. The town of Nimosar, south of Lake Minarhain, has been selected as the next High Elf bastion to fall. All that lay between them and their next goal lays Mistwood, a dense pocket of forest whose denizens will not stand idly by while the invaders scourge the land.

Initial Dark Elf incursions in to Mistwood have only served to anger the spirits who dwell within, and as the main force of House Uthorin approaches, all of the Mistwood rouses to repel those who have forsaken their ancient trust.

Tasks Edit

NOTE: Each Dryad is accompanied by 2 Spites.

Mistwood Grove Mobs Edit

Named Mobs Edit

Mistwood Grove Rewards Edit

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