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"The blood shall be a sign for you on the houses where you live; and when I see the blood I will pass over you, and no plague will befall you to destroy you when I strike the land..."
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Mirror career is a career within a realm (either realm of Order or Destruction) that has a similar gameplay mechanic to a career from the opposite faction. The mirror careers are created in order to maintain balance among the factions, and also to give the players with certain gameplay preferences a choice between Order and Destruction, not forcing them to forego the preferred realm in order to get the desired gameplay.
Mirror careers are also called Pairs or Paired careers.

Similar mechanics do not dictate for two classes to fill similar roles. For examplee a Black Orc shares his mechanic with a Swordmaster, but his effect on the battlefield is much closer to an ironbreaker's effect, providing buffs and damage-assistance to physical dps-classes.

Paired careersEdit

These are the careers of opposing factions that share the main aspects of gameplay mechanics.


Both these careers' gameplay mechanic is based on chaining several attacks together, creating powerful combos. Both crowd control and the most damaging attacks are usually in perfect balance/da' Best Plan(stace 3), while most buffs and debuffs are in improved balance/da' Gud Plan(stace 2).
These two careers share a gameplay based on auras (special abilities that buff allies and debuff enemies within a certain radius around the tank). And the overlapping effects of having several auras working at once, called twisting.
The similar element in these two careers' mechanic is a special attack meter (called Grudge by the Ironbreaker and Hate by the Black Guard), which fills as the tank or his allies are under attack and allows him to unleash his most potent attacks when it is filled up to a certain amount.


Although these classes share the main mechanic, the combo points (called Accusations by the Witch Hunters and Bloodlust by the Witch Elves), there is certain difference in gameplay as some of the Witch Hunter's finishing moves are ranged attacks, resulting in slightly different combat tactics - while the Witch Elf will stay close to her target until the end, the Witch Hunter will usually try to get further away after a while to set off his finishing move.
These careers are both based on a meter that fills during combat (called Rage by the Slayer and Frenzy by the Choppa), causing them to deal more damage, but eventually causing them to become more vulnerable to attacks as well.
These careers both possess stance-based combat, limiting their access to skillgroups while providing different positive effects. The staces always have a clear connection to one of the mastery paths, but work even without speccing the related path.
These careers both have the role of magic using ranged dps, and besides similar gameplay, they share the main mechanic - a meter which keeps filling up as the caster uses certain spells, increasing the deadliness of their spells as it fills, but also increasing the risk of the spell backfiring, severely wounding and often killing the caster. Bright Wizards call this the Combustion meter, while in Sorceress' terms it is called Dhar or simply Dark Magic.
These two careers share the role of area-defending ranged dps thanks to stationary "pets" such as Engineer's turrets and Magus' daemons.
These carrers share the mechanic, of having a moving pet, either a squig or a white lion, that aids them in combat. These pets often have crowd control or debuff options and can be used for tanking in lower tiers. Their mechanink makes them harder to detaunt, since they have two independant sources of damage available.


These are the healers who are required to engage in melee fight to fill up their special ability meter (Righteous Fury for the Warrior Priest and Soul Essence for the Disciple of Khaine). Therefore, in order to heal effectively, they have to remain in the front lines of battle most of the time.
These careers use certain aids (Runepriest's Runes and Zealot's Dark Rituals), rather than direct spells, to buff allies and debuff enemies. Of course, they also have direct healing and damage spells at their disposal.
The common mechanic here is the ability to increase the potency of healing spells by casting damage dealing spells and vice versa. This is called High magic when playing as an Archmage and WAAAGH! when playing as a Shaman. These careers are the only ones to have two separate special ability meters (one for healing and one for damage).

As you can see, the Support careers are mirrored much more similarly than the other archetypes. This is presumably because of the fact that the variation of healing careers might cause more imbalance than it would with other roles.

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