Miralei Shoals

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Miralei Shoals

Miralei Shoals, The Blighted Isle

The beaches along the eastern coast of the Blighted Isle are known collectively as the Miralei Shoals.

In the Age of Reckoning Edit

The Miralei Shoals are not recognized as a subzone by the WAR game client.

The Miralei Shoals have become occupied by the Dark Elf invaders of House Uthorin. Druchii Corsairs have landed upon the eastern shores of the Blighted Isle, and a camp has been established at the base of the very cliffs that serve as the foundation of the High Elf settlement of Adunei.

Uthorin Corsairs launch regular attacks against the lower terraces of Adunei, though the Shining Guard has been successful in repelling the invaders and keeping them from entering the city proper. The Miralei Shoals are of strategic importance to the High Elf defenders, and players are sent to scout the extent of the force holding the beaches.

Miralei Shoals Mobs Edit

Named Mobs Edit

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