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Middenland is a province of the Empire. The state colours are blue and white and its capital is the impregnable city-state of Middenheim. Middenland has long been one of the most important of the Imperial provinces, and many Emperors have come from here. Despite this, it is a desolate place of bad soil and unforgiving climate. Impenetrable forests, home to innumerable beastmen, cover much of the land. The Drakwald Forest is particularly notorious; all know the tale of the province of Drakwald’s destruction by beastmen long ago, and few dare walk its shadowed pathways. It is no great surprise that the people of this harsh land favour Ulric above Sigmar.

The city of Carroburg, known for its famous Greatswords regiment, lies in the south of the province near the River Reik. Carroburg has been the site of many battles between warring Middenland nobility, and has at times served as the provincial capital.

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