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Middenheim is a the capital city of the province of Middenland in the Empire.

Commonly known as The City of the White Wolf, it is second in influence only to the Empire capital Altdorf. The city stands upon a flat-topped mountainous, sheer pinnacle of rock known as the Fauschlag ("Fist-Strike"), or Ulricsberg ("Ulric's Mountain"), rising five hundred feet from the surrounding Drakwald Forest, and is reachable only by four highways that run along colossal viaducts. Middenheim may seem invulnerable, but the rock it stands upon is riddled with ancient tunnels, Dwarven and otherwise, that are home to things best not thought about too closely.

Unlike most of the Empire in Middenheim the worship of Ulric overshadows that of Sigmar. The Ar-Ulric, the highest priest in the Ulrican church, is an Imperial Elector and wields tremendous temporal as well as spiritual power. Ulric’s insistence upon hand to hand combat, and his hatred of gunpowder weapons, is a strong influence on the city’s armies. The city houses a stong contingent of knights drawn from the Knights Panther, who act as the bodyguard of the Elector Count of Middenland, and the Knights of the White Wolf, templars of Ulric. The city also houses a contingent of Kislevite mercenary cavalry – these are ‘loaned’ by the Tsarina in exchange for a unit of Knights Panther.

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