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Metoh SS


Rank 40 Hero Mob
Type Humanoids
Subtype Ogres
Species Yhetee
Zone Troll Country

PC Reactions

Order Hostile
Destruction Hostile

Metoh is a rank 40 Yhetee hero that can be found in the Lair of Metoh in Troll Country.

Known Abilities Edit

Metoh's abilities include:

  • Attack: His basic attack which deals ~2800 damage.
  • Armor Penetration: All his attacks ignore 35% of your armor.
  • Frostbite: A frontal breath attack that deals 570 damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.
  • Vigorous Claw: Hits for around 1250 damage.
  • Toss Up: Hits for 900-1000 damage and also sends you bouncing off the roof of his cave (possibly further if you fight him outside, so don't!).

Note: All numbers are before mitigation by armor/resistances.

Confirmed Drops Edit

He drops 1-3 Rank 39 Rare BOE Helms per kill.



External LinksEdit

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