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Duke Merovech of Mousillon was desperate to restore the glory of Mousillon and, dabbling in dark powers, he and his knights were strangley unaffected by the Red Pox and consequently rode out against the Skaven, freeing Bretonnia from the threat they posed. During the banquet to celebrate the victory, Merovech was found struck by insanity and he killed the king in a duel. He would rule Bretonnia for a short time, until his death not a year later.


The Saviour of BretonniaEdit

Around 1813 IC, the Red Pox swepted through the fair lands of Bretonnia, killing many of its inhabitants. In that time, Merovech was Duke of Mousillon and a proud warrior looking with envy upon the glory days of Mousillon, during the reign of Landuin, first Duke of Mousillon. He was desperate to restore the prestige that his city had had in those distant times. With honourable intentions but led astray by corrupt advisors, Merovech set upon the path of dark powers. Thus it came that when the plague struck, the Duke and his knights remained unnaffected. Seeing his chance for glory, Merovech mustered his men and rode out against the vile ratmen who beset the lands of Bretonnia.

He rode south and broke the siege of Brionne. Believing he was Landuin reborn, he followed the same route as Gilles Le Breton and his Grail Companions had taken, and headed east to Athel Loren. He relieved Quenelles from a siege. At the edge of the enchanted forest, he met with the armies of Parravon and the fey folk and battled the Skaven. A great victory was won, but the other knights looked with disdain and loathing to Merovech and his knights who indulged in the most cruel bloodbath of the enemy and acted not at all chivalrous.

Merovech the MadEdit

All were invited to celebrate the victory upon the Skaven with a great banquet in the Halls of Mousillon Castle. However, the guest were most horrified by what they saw. Dinner was served by shambling servants and spitted and impaled criminals were set around the hall. Merovech, drunk and feeling ill-appreciated, claimed to be dishonoured. The king expressed his revulsion at what he saw, upon which Merovech accused the king of jealousy and conspiring against the saviour of Bretonnia, a thing the king should have done. Hereupon, the king challenged Merovech and was not to be deterred to let one of his dukes battle the duel. The duel started. Merovech tore out the king's throat and, filling a goblet with it, drank the king's blood. Shocked, the other dukes hastily left Mousillon.

Despite his reputation, Merovech was chosen to succeed the king he had killed and the Fay Enchantress officially denounced him supreme ruler of Bretonnia. But his reign wouldn't last long, as Lyonesse already mustered its troops and invaded Mousillon, coinciding with a rebellion of the knights in Mousillon who took up arms against their insane ruler. Merovech slew many, but was eventually killed, upon which Lyonesse claimed a large portion of the dukedom Mousillon and received it.

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